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BC Hydraulic Shock Absorber Self-Compensating Series


The design of BC self-compensating Hydraulic Shock Absorber is compact and with high performance, it can get higher energy absorption in same size comparing with adjustable series. It is mostly used in standard location with stable working condition (weight, impact velocity and driving force etc.).

Performance and Advantages

1. One-piece design of shock tube and piston: all BC series makes shock tube and piston in one-piece solid. In same model, this design can get more than 200% energy absorption than other brands.
2. Seal design: Use Japan imported NBR rod seal + NBR rod wiper in shock absorbers with cylinder diameter less than M14; Above M20 models, use Polyurethane rod seal+ polyurethane rod wiper, together with high strength chrome plated piston rod, it dramatically lasting service life and improved the performance in harsh work conditions.
3. New bearing design to resist side load: use unique long front bearing + bearing bushing to drastically resist the side load. This design can guarantee products service life and reduce the dependence on the installation accuracy.
4. Impact velocity range: 0.02~5m/s, out of this range, customized service can be offered. The highest velocity can be up to 20m/s.
5. Range of temperature: If use special seal material and hydraulic oil, the standard temperature range from -10℃~80℃ can be extended to -30℃~100℃.
6. Customized service: Based on the world class engineering team, BDC can provide special hydraulic damping technology solution and reliable verified testing reports.

Ordering Sample
Model Stroke


Cylinder Diameter

BC06-04(B) 4 10 M6x0.75 18-19
BC08-06(B) 6 5 M8x1.0 18-19
BC10-08(B) 8 10 M10x1.0 18-19
BC12-10(B) 10 16 M12x1.0 18-19
BC14-12(B) 12 25 M14x1.5 18-19
BC14-15(B) 15 35 M14x1.5 18-19
BC20-15(B) 15 50 M20x1.5 21
BC20-20(B) 20 75 M20x1.5 21
BC20-30(B) 30 95 M20x1.5 21
BC20-50(B) 50 145 M20x1.5 21
BC25-25(B) 25 220 M25x1.5 21
BC25-40(B) 40 270 M25x1.5 21
BC25-50(B) 50 300 M25x1.5 21
BC25-80(B) 80 390 M25x1.5 21
BC36-25(B) 25 330 M36*1.5 21
BC36-50(B) 50 550 M36*1.5 21
BC36-80(B) 80 680 M36*1.5 21