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Types of shock absorbers

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For vehicles produced in the last few decades, shock absorbers can be classified into two basic types – individual or stand-alone shocks that attach to the vehicle suspension and frame, and shock-absorber units (or cartridges) integrated into a suspension strut – technically, a MacPherson or Chapman strut. Bear in mind that some cars have struts in the front and individual shocks in the rear. If this is the case, you can replace the rear shocks, but the front struts are better left to a professional.

The integrated shock absorber/struts can be quite difficult to replace. Many times they require removal of the suspension springs and the strut unit, which is beyond the scope of this DIY project. Although many newer vehicles use struts, most older vehicles, and most new or old trucks and SUVs, have individual shock absorbers in both the front and rear. This DIY car maintenance article will describe how to replace those individual shock absorbers.

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