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Gas Shock Absorbers

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We offer a the best and most innovative Gas Shock Absorbers on the planet.BD Gas Shock Absorbers are a specialty of ours and we have buffers for fixed stocks and collapsible stocks and just about any variation there is. We offer BDC Hydraulic Shock Absorbers,BD Adjustable Hydraulic shock absorbers Series, BC Self-Compensating Series ,BHD Heavy-Duty Series , BHD4.0 Series , BHDA Heavy-Duty Series , BHS Heavy-Duty Series . We shoot with all of them and know what works and how it works, so if you need help selecting the best Gas Shock Absorbers or spring for your firearm, call us or email us and we'll help you out. We also carry the best Gas Shock Absorbers from Sprinco USA and CN Enterprises to compliment these BD - BC- BHD buffer systems. Gas Shock Absorbers can reduce recoil, sight movement, wear on parts, vibration, and protect the life of your weapon.  

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