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Hydraulic Buffers

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Hydraulic Buffers

The Hydraulic Buffers minimize the dynamic load of systems during the moment of the buffer impact. They are used anywhere, where reliability, operational security and availability are important factors. The system of throttling allows precise  Hydraulic Buffers pressures and optimum load-length characteristic curves. Undesirable energy peaks are avoided, masses to be slowed down are decelerated evenly and the kinetic energy is reduced linearly. Due to the closed, hydro-pneumatic system any installation position of the hydraulic buffers is possible. In addition the closed system protects the throttling system from tampering and so from modification of the defined characteristic curves.
Applications for  Hydraulic Buffers are anywhere, where moving masses have to be decelerated reliably.
 The  Hydraulic Buffers of the BHI series have been designed to be used for many different technical applications. The BHI65~BHI180  Hydraulic Buffers can be used for any kind of technical application due to its self-contained system. Since there is no need for this damping device to be supplied with external energy or other external means, it is outstandingly suited to decelerate moving masses 

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