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Hydraulic Buffer

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In our experience, this is the softest running BDC Hydraulic Buffer on the market. It shock absorbers more than any other buffer design and makes a noticeable difference in recoil and shot recovery. Reduce felt recoil, improve reliability, reduce bolt carrier speed, reduce wear on parts, reduce shock and vibration to optics, and suppress bolt bounce with this simple drop-in replacement. Designed for BHDA Hydraulic Buffer with a collapsible stock. This Hydraulic Buffer has a piston that is hydraulically dampened to absorb the shock of impact from the bolt carrier's rearward motion and to prevent bolt bounce as a new cartridge is chambered. You will feel less recoil and smoother operation with this buffer and you will see less movement of your sights during recoil for faster shot to shot recovery time. 
BHDA  Hydraulic Buffer the adjustable air-bag-like heavy-duty Hydraulic Buffer with inside air bag design, it increased adjustable components on the basis of BHD Hydraulic Buffer products stroke less than 300mm. To rotate the adjustment knob-changing the damping force to get the best energy absorption in different working conditions, provide best convenient model selection and application flexibility for customers since single model can meet kinds of different work stations, end users also can adjust the knob to recover the best energy absorption if some station changes.

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