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Adjustable Shock Absorbers

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Adjustable Shock Absorbers

BD Adjustable Shock Absorbers Series is the standard industrial hydraulic shock absorbers. You only need rotate the adjustment knob changing the damping force to get the best energy absorption in different working conditions (weight, impact velocity, driving force etc.) and also provide best convenient model selection and application flexibility for customers because single model can meet wide ranges of operation conditions. End users also can adjust the knob to recover the best energy absorption if working condition changes.
BDC can supply broadest ranges of Adjustable Shock Absorbers and mounting accessories for current buffer market.
How to use:
BD Adjustable Shock Absorbers use the advanced 0~12step ranges to rotate, get visible damping force curve and achieve perfect energy absorption.
“0”to get the minimum damping force, “12”is the maximum and the initial setting is “0”. You must adjust the knob changing the damping force to get the best energy absorption before using otherwise it can't protect your machines and even damage it per emergency deceleration, and also it will shorten the service life. Thus correct adjustment is most important, not only for confirming the best  damping step, but also to avoid damaging when incorrect adjustment occurred.
Adjustable Shock Absorbers is a kind of Shock Absorbers, suitable for robot, packaging machinery, machine tools, automobile manufacturing equipment, tire manufacturing equipment, forging equipment, semiconductor equipment, safety devices, and so on a variety of industries, relying on hydraulic Shock Absorbers . The object on the Shock Absorbers deceleration to stop, play a certain degree of protection.

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