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Shock Damper For Work .

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Shock Damper

The Shock Damper is a kind of vibration-sensitive vibration-damping device developed in the 1970s, which controls the movement of the hydraulic cylinder piston by means of special structural valves to suppress the periodic load and impact load of the pipeline or equipment. It is mainly used to prevent damage to pipelines or equipment due to earthquakes, water hammer, steam hammer, wind load, safety valve exhaust and other impact loads.
The working process of the Shock Damper can be described by "hard and soft", which can move slowly when the pipe or equipment is in normal thermal expansion. At this time, it has almost no damping force, and it is "soft" at this time. The valve is activated, at this time it produces the same size with the vibration force of the reverse resistance to control the pipeline or equipment to produce greater vibration and reduce the amplitude, which play a role in protecting the pipeline or equipment, this time as "just "
    Shock Damper is a speed sensitive device. When the movement caused by the force exceeds the allowable speed, the Shock Damper will lock, carry, and limit the speed to a speed or leak rate called bleed rate. Therefore, when testing a Shock Damper, the parameters of interest are as follows: the lock-up velocity at a rated load, the post-latching speed or leakage rate, and the equivalent spring stiffness (Stiffness). »Under normal operating conditions, the piston rod speed V <the closing speed V is closed, the force of the pipe is very small, f low ≤ 1 ~ 2% FN;» When the instantaneous impact load occurs, V increases to V closed, the hydraulic oil Push the spool, so that the spool to overcome the spring force off, the hydraulic oil can only flow from the damp hole (throttle), the formation of damping force FN, so that the Shock Damper lock. So as to achieve vibration, anti-vibration purposes. »For the anti-safety valve exhaust type damper, the hydraulic medium can not flow because the spool does not have the damping hole, therefore, after the lock after the speed V closed = 0. In order to achieve the Shock Damper on the pipeline continued to pull. Application of hydraulic dampers
Shock Damper can be widely used in nuclear power, thermal power, steel, petrochemical and other industries.
Shock Damper can protect the object, common are: pipeline system, main pump, important valve, important pressure vessel, steam turbine, main beam and so on. The hydraulic dampers protect the equipment from the following conditions:
Internal working conditions: water hammer, steam hammer, safety valve exhaust, the main valve closed quickly, boiler explosion, broken pipe, etc.
External working conditions accidents: earthquake, wind load, the impact of alien flying objects
Advantages of hydraulic dampers: In the process of thermal expansion of the pipe, the hydraulic damper allows the pipe to freely heat the displacement without generating additional stress on the pipe.
Load range; long work trip.
Damping force, action quickly and reliably. Particularly suitable for low-frequency large-amplitude operating conditions environment. Do not resonate with pipes or equipment. Adapt to a variety of working environment: higher than room temperature, lower than room temperature, high humidity, high salinity, dust, nuclear irradiation and other environments.

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