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Hydraulic Damper how to work

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Hydraulic Damper

Hydraulic Damper is a machine component that is a device that reduces kinematic energy by providing kinematic resistance. According to the different elements, can be divided into spring damper, Hydraulic Damper, pulse damper, rotary damper, wind damper, viscous dampers, damping hinges, damping rails and so on. Where the Hydraulic Damper are a kind of responsive to the speed of the shock absorber, its
The working principle of the Hydraulic Damper is to use a hydraulic cylinder filled with hydraulic pressure to produce a pressure difference, resulting in damping force.
As the Hydraulic Damper with strong corrosion resistance, friction resistance, long life, can be used for high temperature work, etc., in the early, hydraulic dampers are widely used in nuclear power, thermal power, steel, petrochemical and other industries. However, with the development of science and technology, Hydraulic Damper began to be widely used in a number of civilian areas, such as musical instruments industry, building materials industry industry, for people's lives added beauty, brought convenience. Its value is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
One, durable.
Second, safe and easy. The Hydraulic Damper are easy to install and easy to operate, and in their daily lives they can be replaced without complicated and redundant tools.
Three, light, beautiful. With the improvement of people's quality of life, in addition to the basic use of hardware accessories to meet the basic functional, but also has a bright decorative role, Hydraulic Dampers because of its small and exquisite features to the instrument, building materials industry market widely used.
With the economic development, people's living standards continue to improve, the level of consumption also will increase. In recent years, per capita disposable income increased year after year, especially in rural per capita disposable income has been greatly improved, residents to improve sexual demand is strong, people's consumption has not only stay in the solution to the problem of daily food and clothing, and more pursuit of high quality, high quality life. Therefore, with the elegant music-related musical instruments industry, and the living environment is closely related to the building materials industry in recent years have been significant development, and in the future its development prospects are still very broad. And these industries is the downstream industry of Hydraulic Damper, musical instruments industry and building materials industry development will inevitably increase the demand for hydraulic dampers, which will promote the development of Hydraulic Damper industry.

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